Normalizing Inclusion

Organizations are opening up to inclusion as a culture priority.

The workforce under 35 is voting with its feet for diversity and equity in the workplace. Customer markets are shifting — dramatically — in face and priorities. Black Lives Matter and #metoo continue to have a shuddering impact. In response, corporations (and start-ups, nonprofits and government) are digging in to figure out new approaches. The Impact Seat works in this space.

With you:

·We use data to describe what is — and analysis to define progress. And we’ve built tools for strong diagnosis. Quick wins feed change. Meaningful performance metrics direct long-run results through policy and practice shifts.

·We guide leaders to see what needs to transform; to avoid reinforcing old ideas that won’t work; and to personally step into a new way of managing themselves and others.

· We provide convenings that connect people on the journey. We all need to learn new ways to think and act and then we need to practice until these new
approaches are second nature.

At The Impact Seat, we believe that inclusion carries diversity to value creation — and that this is very important for business and society. This is not about assimilation (in the 70s version, training women to act more like men): rather, its strategizing how to move the system to carry more variety, then serving up welcome and equity: to fix what’s wrong and build what’s right.

We can meet your organization where it is on this journey. We have years of experience in this arena and can work with you to craft an approach for what you need right now. Please take a look at our website to see some of the ways we engage — then reach out to us to discuss your needs:

Barbara ClarkeTeresa Nelson

Creating difference, valuing difference, that’s what people and organizations can do. Normalizing inclusion — making it common, accepted, “normal” — that’s the new gold standard.

Thank you for considering The Impact Seat as your business partner.

Teresa and Barbara

Originally published at on March 6, 2019.




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The Impact Seat Consulting

The Impact Seat Consulting

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