Organizations are opening up to inclusion as a culture priority.

The workforce under 35 is voting with its feet for diversity and equity in the workplace. Customer markets are shifting — dramatically — in face and priorities. Black Lives Matter and #metoo continue to have a shuddering impact. In response, corporations (and start-ups, nonprofits and government) are digging in to figure out new approaches. The Impact Seat works in this space.

With you:

·We use data to describe what is — and analysis to define progress. And we’ve built tools for strong diagnosis. Quick wins feed change. …

Over 650,000 views have been logged of Police Commissioner Richard Ross’s youtube video discussing the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks after a 911 call by store employees in April 2018. Former employees of Google filed a class action lawsuit against the company in 2017 charging that women were systematically paid less than men for equal work. The New York Times, in August 2018, reported the story of African-American Carle Wheeler who claims The Westin hotels didn’t respond well enough, or fast enough, when another guest challenged her and her daughter about use of the pool.


Last week I was having dinner with a professional colleague and friend who’s building her career nicely within one of the tech giants. She was blowing steam out of both ears because she’d been in a 3-hour meeting that day where the drip, drip, drip water torture of gendered language kept her from hearing anything about business: what a loss.

“It’s guys, always guys” as in, “you guys” or “hey, guys” or “we guys”. Drip, drip, drip. All I think is, “I’m being told as a woman that I’m not part of this meeting.”

While many of us would like…

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